The Tech

Self-Certification Surveys

Give students/parents and staff an easily accessible app to self-certify prior to entering the building that they are not exhibiting any symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone who may be symptomatic. The survey can be easily modified in the backend to fit your school’s specific needs.

Contactless Health Screening

The app can be integrated with your temperature checking devices via a barcode scanner, eliminating manual data entry. The app automatically syncs with thermal cameras and Bluetooth thermometers, alerting officials if high temperatures are detected.

Contact Tracing

Infected students or staff can be identified through the app, where the individual has been can be traced using GPS Tracking or Bluetooth, and alerts can be sent to whoever was around the infected person, all while maintaining privacy and security.

Social Distancing Monitoring

Connect your app with our state-of-the-art Computer Vision System that can alert school officials if people are too close to one another or are not wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE).